Lauren is an amazing yoga instructor. She has a real gift for guiding people and helping them achieve their goals, whether it’s more flexibility or quieting the mind and dealing with stress. Lauren’s corporate yoga class has completely transformed the way I feel about my work environment, which can be very fast paced and demanding. Lauren’s class not only helped me develop greater flexibility, it also helped me stay more focused and positive. Regular yoga class provides a necessary break from a stressful environment. On a personal level Lauren is very compassionate, joyful and most of all committed to better herself and others around her. She is extremely easygoing and accommodating. She cares about her students and has a wonderful ability to balance individual’s needs in a group session. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who is considering either corporate or private yoga class.
Magdalena Barrie (TX)Underwriting Assistant, Care Providers Services, a division of NSM Insurance Group
I have had the pleasure of practicing with Lauren for some time now. And, it really is a pleasure. She has inspired me to feel more grounded and thoughtful in my practice, while always bringing some happiness and lightheartedness to my day. To that end, I’ve felt more confident in myself as a person and in my body. Her reminders that everything we need is already within us, helps us to understand our own capabilities. Besides yoga, I have enjoyed other activities led by Lauren from women’s gatherings, sound meditation, vision boarding and learning about essential oils…all making for a well-rounded and fun experience.
Rhonda CogginsDallas Yoga Center Student
I’ve been doing yoga for 3 years and in that time I’ve known many teachers, but in many ways Lauren stands above the rest. She has an all-encompassing approach that includes sounds, essential oils and meditation that really takes care of the whole self in ways that you don’t get with other people. Her “Sound meditation” classes are nothing short of enlightening and I love exposing new people to them– you cannot help becoming a fan of Lauren’s voice after just one class. I could go on about what makes her special, but the best thing you can do is take a class with her and experience all her gifts by yourself.  -David Alpuche
David AlpuchePhotographer & Yoga Mat Designer
I love your sound meditation class. You’re so real, authentic, warm, compassionate.  All that comes through! Please know what a positive impact you have on those present.  I leave there feeling so uplifted and peaceful. You’re a fabulous human and great yogi!!! 
Victor ParachinYoga Teacher & Owner of Tulsa Yoga & Meditation Center