What is Energy Healing work?

As human beings, we are energetic beings. Every cell in our bodies is constantly vibrating. Over time, we begin to store energy in certain patterns that feel comfortable at the time, but this energy can become stuck in patterning. Yoga helps move energy, but sometimes we need extra help clearing that stuck energy – this is where energy work becomes a great option. 

What does a session look like?

Energy sessions are typically 60 minutes and involve me utilizing my hands to help move stuck energy. You’ll simply lie down supported by props/blankets, and I’ll guide you into a state of relaxation. After you’re settled, I will either place my hands above your body or sometimes touch very lightly in certain areas (with permission from you before we begin, of course). I also use singing bowls in the process, as the vibration of the bowls greatly increases the movement of energy in the physical body. This process, when complete, can almost feel as if you’ve had a massage. It is deeply relaxing and very healing. Drink lots of water after the session is complete to assist the process that will continue when we are finished. 

Do you receive my energy in the process?

Energy healers are not giving out their own energy, instead, they act as a conduit for clear energy to move through you. This process helps activate your own energetic body to do the healing on its own. The energy will naturally move where it’s supposed to go, and the use of bowls and hands-on will help assist.