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Yoga, Meditation, & Essential Oils have all deeply impacted my life and well being. I am excited to share them with you & have you experience the same!


Private Yoga

Private Yoga is an amazing way to practice the ultimate self-care. Through our time together, you will create space in the body and the mind, all in the convenience of your home. 



Meditation is a wonderful tool to help you navigate stress in your life. Through this practice, we work towards becoming the observer of our own thoughts. Over time, we can become more responsive and less reactionary


Essential Oils

Essential Oils are a natural fit for healing, created solely from plant matter. They can assist us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are endless ways to incorporate oils into your daily life


Corporate Yoga/Meditation

Corporate classes are a profound way to create more joy & balance in the office. Our work lives can be stressful! Utilizing yoga and/or meditation allows a mental break which creates happier, healthier employees

Create more balance


Your Life

Our society has become addicted to busyness & multi-tasking. Technology has changed how we function. It is more important than ever that we carve out time and space to reconnect with ourselves and our humanity

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The Benefits of yoga are so vast, here are just a few:

– increased flexibility

– increased muscle strength

– increased balance

– increased energy

– improved respiration

– improved posture

– improved bone density

– improved metabolism

Why Choose Lauren?



I will show you why I love yoga and meditation and that feeling is contagious!


I am consistent and trustworthy. I show up when I am supposed to!


I work with ALL levels and abilities. There is no such thing as ‘not flexible enough for yoga’!




Check out photos from past events, as well as professional shots by Claudia Curici


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August Yoga for Release

August Yoga for Release
  • August Yoga for Release

    August Yoga for Release
  • September Yoga

    September Yoga
  • May Yoga Video

    May Yoga Video
  • June - Yoga on the Go

    June - Yoga on the Go

Make your way to complete health

These videos were created as a basic all levels intro into yoga and some of the poses. My friend Lauren W. and I incorporated our love for essential oils into the videos. Grab your mat and spend the next 20 minutes moving & breathing with us! Contact me with questions about modifications or ways to intensify!

*Disclaimer: If you have any health issues, please consult with a doctor for permission to perform these exercises*