Welcome to my website! I’m Lauren, and I’m excited for you to get to know about me and my yoga/meditation journey. I am a working mom of two who lives in Dallas, TX. I enjoy spending my free time learning about ways to increase overall wellness for me, my family and my clients.

I began practicing yoga around 2003 as a way to increase flexibility. It didn’t take long before I recognized how yoga made me feel something deeper, and I desired to learn more. I was led by my sister (a long time yoga practitioner) to try her favorite teacher, luckily I listened. This incredibly powerful style of practice, taught by fierce leader Suze Curtis, allowed me a chance to really push past my comfort zones. I became hooked, and started to notice things shifting within myself. What intrigued me most about her style was the incorporation of sound into the practice, through use of our voice. The vocal toning in deep poses united me to an ability to meditate in my yoga practice. This new found capacity for quieting my mind sparked my interest in meditation.

After many years of taking workshops and specialty series, I decided it was time to embark on the journey of yoga teacher training in 2013. At the time, I did this for my own learning and not with the intention to teach. Through my training program at The Dallas Yoga Center, I had a chance to study with many well versed teachers whom all added their own knowledge and specialty. One of the teachers in the program led a component on sound meditation. I began to incorporate this practice into my life, and it was such a natural fit for me. This practice deeply affected me, and how I view meditation.

After teacher training was complete, I was asked to join the staff at The Dallas Yoga Center, where I still currently teach. I lead weekly classes in yoga and sound meditation, and also monthly specialty workshops including women’s gatherings and more.  I love being able to teach in this wonderful community, but have also branched out to share the gifts I have learned with others. I very much enjoy teaching private sessions, and building relationships with clients, while working towards their goals. I’ve been blessed to teach many weekly yoga and meditation classes at multiple corporations in Dallas. The amount of gratitude from the employees, and seeing how greatly they are affected brings me so much joy. It is an incredible and invaluable gift an employer can give to their employees.

My goal as a teacher is to compassionately guide people to find a deeper sense of connection between the mind, body & spirit through these practices, and utilize this awareness to tap into your highest potential. Contact me to see how we can begin working together.