What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are created through distillation of different types of plant matter including flowers, bark, stems etc. Once distilled, the oils contain a plethora of beneficial properties from the source but in a highly concentrated form. Because of this high concentration, they work as a tiny powerhouse and a little goes a very long way!

What & how do I use essential oils for?

An easier question would be what don’t  I use them for? I have been amazed at how oils have been fully immersed into my life. Oils can be utilized for physical issues as well as emotional. They are such a diverse tool for healing and each type has many different purposes.

Oils can be used in a few different ways. The most common use is in a diffuser, which is a small machine that disperses oils into the air without heating them (which can kill the beneficial properties). A second way to use them is topically on the skin. Some oils need to be diluted with carrier oil, which is any type of fatty oil like coconut oil. Oils can also be added to salts and used to create spa-like baths at home. The last way oils can be used is internally, this is something to do more research on if you’re interested in learning the potential benefits.  

Are all oils created equally?

This is an emphatic NO! Most oils on the market are cut with synthetic ingredients and contain chemicals or perfumes, things I do NOT want on my skin or in my body. The only brand I choose to use is Young Living. The reason I use this company (after spending months researching the topic and trying tons of different brands), is they are the only company with a “Seed to Seal” promise. They batch test all the oils and are the only company that own most of their own farms. The love that goes into making these products in evident, and I fully trust their dedication and my results.

How do I get started?

The best way to start is by ordering the Young Living Premium Starter Kit which comes with 11 different amazing single oils and blends, as well a diffuser to get you started:


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